The Bridal Collective is a small group of talented stylists working together to make your day even more beautiful. We provide exceptional level of care to each and every person we service. We take the utmost pride in our work and are constantly perfecting our craft with ongoing education. we are there to be your calming energy and we vow to make your day that much better.

  I'm the owner and lead stylist of The Bridal Collective. I'm a mom to 2 beautiful toddlers, a wife, and a lover of all things pretty. I'm left handed, introvertly extroverted, and a sucker for some 2000's R&B.  

  I went to beauty school in 2007 and never looked back. I started my career immediately after in a larger scale salon with so many talented individuals but in 2021 I spread my wings and followed my dreams. I wouldn't be here without all the CRAZY support from my husband, my family, and all of my friends. 

  Sometimes as a mother, you lose sight of who you are and you search for purpose other than being just a mom. The Bridal Collective was not JUST a dream, but my purpose, an environment that makes me feel like the old me. This venture was always my end goal and I am happier than ever to finally share my passion with all of our past, current, and future brides to be.

  I have competed in Wella Trendvision 2017 in Las Vegas, NV and took home Silver in 2018 in Los Angeles, CA but truthfully nothing sparks my soul like the beauty of a bride. I couldn't imagine using my talents in anything other than the wedding industry. I love glam, I dig boho, and vibe with everything in between. 

  My small business venture is made up of my best friends. So my BFF's glamming your BFF's, is there anything better? NOPE, so let's pop the champagne and get this party started. 


i'm tiffany.

hi there,

 I am totally a hopeless romantic and I love me a wedding story that melts your heart in a puddle. Your wedding day is about you, about the story you have created with your soulmate, and I am honored to be a paragraph in that story. It's more than just hair to me, it's a part of your most special day, a part that made you feel even more beautiful than you already are.

I seriously just love LOVE. I crave the happiness thats ever so apparent on your wedding day.
Bridal glow is 100% a thing and you are already stunning but let me get ahold of that hair.

my why:

gosh,  I'm the luckiest

I love my job



my girl

now it's your turn,
tell me about your love

Here is our other lead stylist, My BFF, KELLY. Kelly is not only one of the best hair stylists i know, she is the person who will always be in your corner. coming from a larger scale salon (yes we worked side by side for over a decade) she took the leap of faith and joined the bridal collective. She is someone who takes the utmost pride in every style and i am so dang proud.

shes kind, sweeter than pie, and the exact energy you need on your wedding day. She can put your mind at ease all while making your hair look out of this world incredible.

when she isn't playing with hair, she is snuggling her beautiful baby boy and her very large lap dog. i love her, so i know ya'll will too.

Kelly's why:

I am always up for a good love story, whether I have known you a lifetime or it's our first time meeting. As Cliche as it sounds, Celebrating people's joy brings my heart so much happiness.

Watching your smile when you see your hair for the first time, makes this more than just a job to me.even though our time is brief, i love spending every second making you feel beautiful. you deserve to shine and i am honored to be a part of your special day.

this world can never have enough love and it feels amazing to do something in life that helps create more of that.

thanks for being here, now lets talk about your big day.

What can i say we love love and champagne.
we also really love champagne.

cheers to you